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BEFORE WE EXAMINE WHAT I have called so far
the " disruptive forces" in the current social
order, let me underline one primary necessity
for the most outspoken free discussion of the
battling organisations and the crumbling institu-
tions amidst which we lead our present uncom-
fortable and precarious lives. There must be no
protection for leaders and organisations from the
most searching criticism, on the plea that our
country is or may be at war. Or on any pretence.
We must talk openly, widely and plainly. The
war is incidental; the need for revolutionary
reconstruction is fundamental. None of us are
clear as yet upon some of the most vital questions
before us, we are not lucid enough in our own
minds to be ambiguous, and a mumbling tactful-
ness and indirect half-statements made with an
eye upon some censor, will confuse our thoughts